What Does Godly Dating Look Like?

by Sister McCook

Dating can be fun, inspiring, mysterious, full of magic and love.

But is dating from the Bible’s standpoint if we are serious about serving and pleasing God?

Have you ever wondered what a godly relationship looks like?

As Christians, we are called to honor God in every area of our lives, including our relationships and dating.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, considering a godly dating is crucial for living a fulfilling, God-centered life.

Let’s explore what a godly dating relationship looks like and how you can navigate this journey.

Godly dating begins with a strong foundation

A Godly dating relationship starts with a strong foundation built on the principles of the Bible, mutual respect, honesty, and transparency.

The foundation of a relationship built on godliness will put God at the center.

Having a strong foundation in Christ will keep you grounded and will help you navigate challenges that may arise.

Before starting a relationship, it’s essential to pray, seek God’s wisdom in your decision-making, and seek godly counsel.

Communication is key

Communication is crucial in every relationship.

It goes beyond just talking; communication is about expressing your feelings, your values, and your goals.

It’s about listening, being empathetic, and showing consideration to your partner’s needs.

It’s essential to communicate openly and honestly, and in a way that honors God.

Respect each other’s boundaries

Healthy boundaries are essential for a healthy relationship to thrive.

It’s essential to respect each other’s boundaries, desires, and values, including sexual boundaries, leisure time, and your personal space.

Clear boundaries give a sense of security and trust in the relationship.

Godly dating means upholding godly boundaries and not compromising them for the sake of temporary pleasure.

Honesty and Authenticity

Honesty and authenticity are vital in every relationship.

Being truthful and authentic, even when it’s difficult, is essential.

In Godly dating, it means being upfront and transparent about our past, our feelings, and our intentions.

Pray together, grow together

A godly dating relationship must involve Christ.

Relationship growth starts with your personal walk with God and continues when you pray and study the Bible together regularly.

A couple that prays together grows and matures together, both individually and collectively.

When we put God first, He becomes the foundation of the relationship.

Pursuing Him together sets the tone for a fulfilling and Christ-centered relationship.

Pursue purity

In a world that normalizes premarital sex and casual dating, it’s essential to remember that God calls us to a higher standard.

Sexual intimacy is a beautiful and God-given gift reserved for marriage.

Purity involves keeping ourselves pure, mind, body, and soul, avoiding situations where we will be tempted to compromise our values.

Emphasize emotional maturity

Godly dating is about pursuing emotional maturity as an individual to bring into the relationship.

It means growing, healing, and working to overcome flaws and struggles.

Emotional maturity also involves taking responsibility for one’s actions, being accountable to a mentor or trusted counselor, and not allowing past wounds to dictate current or future relationships.

Embrace commitment

It’s about allowing God to lead the relationship, putting it first before friends, family, or individual pursuits. It’s about being willing to work through challenges and staying true to one’s commitments.

God has given us His principles and guidance to dating, love, and relationships in the Bible.

While it can be tempting to follow popular culture’s ways, as Christians, we should always seek to honor God in every aspect of our lives, including dating.

As Christians, we are called to set a high standard for ourselves, and that includes our relationships.

A relationship built on godliness will not be void of challenges, but it will stand the test of time and bring glory to God.

Praying and following God’s design for dating applies whether you’re single or committed.

May God guide and bless us all in our journey toward a godly dating relationship.

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