The Debate on Whether or Not Christians Should Wear The Evil Eye

by Sister McCook
Evil Eye Jewelry

Christians are taught to be cautious of the “evil eye,” a curse believed to be cast by jealous or envious individuals upon another person.

The evil eye is thought to bring about misfortune, sickness, or even death to you by someone who has negative energy or intentions toward you.

Many Christians choose to avoid wearing jewelry or other items associated with the evil eye, recognizing the importance of placing their faith solely in God as their ultimate protector and deliverer from evil.

However, there is some debate among Christians about whether or not the evil eye is real.

Some believe that it is nothing more than a superstition, while others believe that it is a very real threat.

Should Christians wear evil eye jewelry?

Christians have long been divided on the question of evil eye jewelry.

Some argue that it is a harmless form of fashion, while others believe that it is a dangerous way of inviting evil into one’s life.

The evil eye is a belief that certain people have the power to curse others with misfortune simply by looking at them.

This curse is said to be the result of envy, and it can cause everything from financial problems and bad luck to physical illness.

Christians have long been divided on the question of whether or not it is acceptable to wear evil eye jewelry.

Some argue that doing so is a form of protection against the power of the curse, while others believe that it is a superstitious practice that has no place in Christian belief and that wearing one shows a lack of faith in God.

Some Christians believe that wearing evil eye jewelry goes against the teachings of Christianity, as it can convey fear or suspicion towards others, which contradicts the message of love and trust.

On the other hand, there are also Christians who view evil eye jewelry as a symbol of protection and wear it without any religious conflict.

The advantage of wearing evil eye jewelry as a Christian

Wearing evil eye jewelry as a Christian can have different interpretations and perspectives.

While the evil eye symbol originates from various cultures and belief systems, some Christians choose to wear it as a form of personal style.

However, as a Christian, if you choose to wear evil eye jewelry, it’s important to ensure that your intentions and beliefs align with your faith and trust in God and not the jewelry.

The advantage of wearing evil eye jewelry as a Christian may vary from person to person.

Some individuals may find comfort in the symbol’s perceived protective qualities, while others may see it purely as a fashion statement.

The disadvantage of wearing evil eye jewelry as a Christian

There are a few key points to consider when making the decision to wear the evil eye.

First, it is important to understand what the evil eye actually is.

The evil eye is believed to be used to ward off bad effects by absorbing the negative energy directed towards you by someone else and deflecting it away, keeping you safe from harm.

It is often associated with envy and jealousy, which can be passed on through looks or words.

While there is no mention of the evil eye in the Bible, some Christians believe that it is a real phenomenon that should be avoided.

Second, it is important to consider the intention behind wearing evil eye jewelry.

Are you doing it for protection? To ward off bad luck? Or simply because you think it looks cool?

If your intention is pure, then there is no reason to believe that you can’t wear it. However, if you are wearing it for any other reason, then you may want to reconsider.

Third, it is important to remember that we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Wearing evil eye jewelry can send the message that we are fearful or suspicious of others, which is not in line with the Christian message of love and acceptance.

Finally, some Christians believe that wearing evil eye jewelry is a way of showing a lack of faith in God.

We are called to trust in God and to believe that He will protect us from all harm.

By wearing evil eye jewelry, we may be sending the message that we do not fully trust in God’s power to protect us.

While there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether or not Christians should wear evil eye jewelry, these are some of the things to consider before making a decision.

Prayerfully consider what you believe about the evil eye and its power, as well as your intention for wearing it.

What Does The Bible Say About Wearing The Evil Eye Jewelry?

The Bible doesn’t specifically mention wearing evil eye jewelry, it does speak to the importance of avoiding idols (Exodus 20:3-5) and anything that could lead us away from God.

Why does God place such emphasis on steering clear of idols? It’s because He knows that when we put our trust and faith in other things, we are essentially turning away from Him and His divine love.

The Bible also warns us against practicing sorcery or using amulets in Deuteronomy 18:10-11.

Instead, we should focus on wearing the armor of God, including the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, and the helmet of salvation, as stated in Ephesians 6:13-18.

With that being said, we must also remember that in today’s society, some items may be more for fashion rather than spiritual beliefs.

It’s all about having discernment and using our best judgment when it comes to the jewelry we choose to wear.

Examples of Evil Eye Jewelry

If you would like to see some examples of evil eye jewelry, whether that be necklaces or rings for men or women, you can check out some of the ones below that I saw on Amazon.

Here are some bracelets/anklets that are designed with style and subtlety:

Lasso Brag

And here are some necklaces:

Lasso Brag

The answers to whether or not Christians should be wearing any type of evil eye jewelry are sure to spark debates among believers.

Some Christians feel that it is their personal decision whether or not to wear the evil eye, while others believe that it is completely against their religion.

Others also believe that this shows a lack of faith in the power of God to protect them.

These debates usually get many different opinions and not just for jewelry but bathing suits too and whether Christians should be using healing crystals.

In the end, it is up to each individual Christian to decide what they believe is right for them.

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