What Angers God: Understanding the Reasons and Practical Ways to Avoid It

by Sister McCook

We all have our pet peeves and moments of anger, and so does God.

You may be wondering, “What angers God?” As a Christian, it’s essential to understand what captures the Lord’s attention and displeases Him.

Anger is a natural emotion, but uncontrolled anger is sinful, according to the Bible.

Let’s dive into what angers God, the reasons behind it, and practical actions to avoid it.

These are the things that mostly dishonor God.


Disobedience is the act of violating God’s command, laws or engaging in actions against His will.

It angers God when we refuse to follow His instructions and allow our desires to override His purpose for our lives.

Examples include failing to love our neighbor, lying, stealing, and indulging in sexual sin.

One practical way to avoid disobedience is by reading the Bible, following God’s commands, and having a prayerful life.


Idolatry is the practice of worshiping other gods instead of the Almighty God.

It could be an object, person, or anything that takes priority over your love and devotion to God.

It angers God when we prioritize material things, fame, or wealth over Him.

One practical way to avoid idolatry is to pray for the grace to recognize any idol you might have and make conscious efforts to put God first.


Hypocrisy is when we put on a show of righteousness but secretly engage in sinful behavior.

It angers God when we claim to belong to Him without genuinely living out our faith.

One practical way to avoid hypocrisy is to regularly examine our lives, confess our sins, and ask for accountability from other believers.


Forgiveness is integral to the Christian faith.

It is the act of letting go of hurt and resentment towards someone who has wronged us.

It angers God when we refuse to forgive others as He has forgiven us.

One practical way to avoid unforgiveness is by progressing through the hurt and seeking reconciliation with people who have hurt us.

Neglecting the Poor and Needy

God cares for the poor, orphans, and widows, and He expects us as Christians to do the same.

It angers God when we ignore the plight of the vulnerable and privileged people in our society.

One practical way to avoid neglecting the poor and needy is to seek out opportunities to give, volunteer, and advocate for social justice causes.

Knowing what angers God is essential for every Christian.

We have examined some of the reasons that make God angry and practical ways to avoid them.

We can only obey God and glorify Him when we surrender to Him, study His Word, and make conscious efforts to live a life that pleases Him.

May God help us to grow in our understanding of Him and live a life that brings honor and glory to His name.

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