14 Christian Books For Teenage Girls and Tweens in 2024

by Sister McCook
Christian Teens and Tweens Reading Books

As a parent, it can be hard to find books that will engage and inspire your teenage daughter.

It can be even harder to find books that are also rooted in faith and spirituality.

But don’t worry – there are plenty of Christian books for teenage girls and tweens out there!

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

1. The Girl Who Looked Beyond The Stars (Sheena Meyer)

Sheena Meyer’s story “The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars” is a captivating blend of Christian science fiction, fantasy, and mystery.

It is perfect for 11-14 year-olds who enjoy books like “A Wrinkle in Time.”

Sheena is curious and inquisitive, and her parents and teachers often find her investigations tiresome.

One day Sheena’s life changes after she unwittingly discovers that she holds a mysterious supernatural power that places her in the orbit of sinister forces.

With the help of an elderly man and newfound friends, Sheena embarks on an adventure to discover the truth about herself and uncover the secrets held by The Murk (a mysterious force).

This book is an exciting mix of suspense, thrills, mystery, and intrigue that awaits readers of this fantastic series!

2. Make Great Decisions Christian Workbook for Teen Girls: A Practical & Biblical Guide to Choices that Matter

Give a teen the guidance and support she needs to make good choices with Make Great Decisions Workbook for Christian Teen Girls!

This faith-driven book offers daily devotionals, and Bible quotes to inspire, encourage and empower teens to make sound decisions.

It also includes prompts for setting short-term and long-term goals, reflecting on true friends, writing personal prayers, and more.

Plus, there’s room to get creative with doodles, sketches, and colors that help express spiritual growth beyond words.

With this workbook as their guide, your teen is sure to confidently become closer to the person God has designed them to be!

3. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: Stories of Life, Love and Learning

Being a teen can be tough – but you are never alone. This book features stories that will make you laugh, cry and relate to.

It’s like having a best friend that comes with invaluable lessons on the importance of friendship, love, and belief in yourself and others.

As well as dealing with tougher issues like death, suicide, and the loss of love, it will help teens learn from positive experiences without feeling judged.

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul” is there for you when times are tough and will cheer you up when life gets you down.

This is like a teen handbook. Make sure it’s in your pocket, ready to go!

4. Defined – Teen Girls’ Bible Study Book: Who God Says You Are

Who Are You? This Bible study for teen girls is about discovering your true identity in Christ.

It seeks to answer the questions: “Who is God?” and “Who am I?”.

Teens learn how sin affects them and how they can be transformed by the gospel of Christ.

The book introduces teens to an 8-week program that includes teaching videos with Priscilla Shirer, leader helps, personal study opportunities, Bible study lessons, and 7 weeks of homework.

With daily Bible studies and activities, teens learn that their identity is rooted in their relationship with God.

The book also teaches teens that they are a unique expression of God’s creative genius meant to reflect His glory!

5. Live in Light: 5-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls 

Live In Light: 5-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls is the perfect guidebook for teenage girls navigating adolescence.

With just five minutes each day, this book of scripture-based devotional readings offers support in areas like dating, social media, self-worth, and more – bringing wisdom from God and comfort from the Bible into their lives.

Featuring relatable and practical Bible lessons designed to tackle all life throws at them, Live In Light is the perfect toolkit that helps teens become who they are meant to be – both spiritually and personally.

An unending source of light to help young ladies adjust gracefully to a world filled with change.

6. 3-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls: 180 Encouraging Readings

Got 3 minutes?

You’ll find just the right amount of encouragement and wisdom in 3-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls.

Each day’s reading consists of a scripture, devotional reading, and prayer to start off your day with God.

This practical devotional packs powerful inspiration into a short time frame, making it perfect for busy days and teens who don’t want to spend hours in devotion.

With 180 readings, teens can get the practical guidance they need for everyday life.

This devotional will help them to better understand and apply God’s Word to the real-life issues they face.

Start off or end your day with a dose of divine motivation!

7. The Prayer Journal for Teen Girls: A Daily Christian Journal for Teenage and Preteen Girls to Practice Gratitude, Reduce Anxiety and Strengthen Your Faith

This prayer journal is the perfect tool for young girls to practice gratitude and strengthen their faith.

With over 180 pages of guided prayer and gratitude prompts, illustrated bible verses, and answered prayer sections, it allows teens and preteens to write down Bible study notes, favorite verses, personal affirmations, and more on a customizable dot grid space.

The sturdy hardcover with gold spiral binding also lays flat for easy writing, and its chic design will have teens looking forward to journaling every day!

8. What God Says About Me!: Discover your True Identity. 52 weekly scriptures for teen girls

With the book What God Says About Me!, teens can discover their true identity in Christ.

In this book, they will be guided through 52 life-changing scriptures to reflect on, personalize and pray through.

Each scripture will teach them more about themselves and their purpose in God’s kingdom.

Through these scriptures, God will speak directly to teens, revealing His truth and transforming their lives as they grow in understanding of how He sees them.

This devotional journal is designed to help young women fall in love with Jesus and live out their true identities.


9. Preteen Devotional for Girls: 52 Weeks of Encouraging Devotions and Scripture for Tweens

Preteen Devotional for Girls is the perfect guide to help young girls aged 10-12 navigate their preteen years with confidence and understanding.

Each week features a devotion based on themes such as relationships, faith, feelings, and identity that provide thoughtful discussion of Scripture and offer practical advice on how God’s word can bring peace and security.

Written in a friendly, encouraging tone, this book uses open-ended prompts to get tweens thinking about themselves and their relationship with God.

Along with inspiring Bible verses and quotes, the full-color pages and interactive design make reading fun while encouraging creativity and self-expression.

This devotional will give preteens the reassuring boost they need as they embark on their journey through adolescence!

10. Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul: Stories of Changes, Choices and Growing Up for Kids Ages 9-13

You know those tough times when you’re between being a kid and a teen?

Those years can be incredibly hard, filled with the physical and emotional changes that come with growing up.

Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul is here to help show tweens that they’re not alone and that this period of change can also bring tremendous joy and inspiration.

This collection of stories speaks to making friends, understanding their own identity, confronting challenging school issues, and managing family matters like divorce.

Through these stories, preteens will learn how to make the most of their preteen years!

11. You’re God’s Girl! Coloring Book (God’s Girl Coloring Books for Tweens)

Ready to get creative and unleash your inner artist? Look no further than You’re God’s Girl Coloring Book!

This collection of 37 designs celebrates how unique and special you are, according to the truth and promises in God’s Word.

Spend some quality alone time coloring with crayons, colored pencils, or markers, or invite friends for a fun party with art.

Your preteen can hang your finished pieces on their wall as reminders of the amazing truths about who they are or give them away as gifts!

12. For Girls Like You Coloring Book (God’s Girl Coloring Books for Tweens)

Get ready to color your way through God’s love for you! For Girls Like You Coloring Book (God’s Girl Coloring Books for Tweens) is a fun and creative way to express your faith.

Each page comes with its own individual Bible verse, meaning that your child can learn God’s word while coloring amazing pictures.

This book is perfect for spending time alone with Jesus or a fun party with friends, allowing preteens to explore the depths of His love and wisdom.

Once complete, tear out the pages and place them around the house as a reminder of God’s promises.

Tweens can also spread His love by giving some away—it’s an easy way to bless someone else’s day!

13. You’re God’s Girl!: A Devotional for Tweens

Do you have tweens who are ready to be God’s girls?

Through daily devotions, Tweens can discover the real and unique them that God made.

They learn how their faithfulness and kindness fit into this world and receive power-packed promises from Him every day.

With this book, preteens can stand out from the crowd as an original and see themselves through God’s eyes – becoming amazing in the truest sense!

14. The Illustrated Devotional For Girls 366 Days of Creative Coloring & Faith-Filled Devotions for Girls ages 8-12

Give your preteen daughter, granddaughter, or niece a present that’s sure to keep on giving all year long!

The Illustrated Devotional For Girls provides 366 days of creative coloring and faith-filled devotions perfect for girls ages 8-12.

Featuring cute Scripture graphics to color, teen-worthy devotionals, Bible-based practical life tips, and more – she’ll always have something motivational and uplifting to turn to.

Plus, the flashes of silver foil hearts on the pink softcover book will make it look extra special!

This devotional is the ideal way for your preteen to express her faith and uncover spiritual growth.

As an added bonus – a presentation page is included just in case you’re looking for a gift for that special Sunday School class of hers too!

Finding Good Christian Books For Teens is Not Impossible

With so many options available, you should have no trouble finding inspirational Christian books that fit teenage girls’ or tweens’ daughter’s interests perfectly!

Whether she loves fantasy tales or relatable stories about ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances, these books should help her explore her faith while connecting with characters her own age.

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