10 Best Married Couples Devotional Books For Strong Marriages

by Sister McCook
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To be honest, marriages can be tough. Whether you’ve been married for five months or fifty years, there will be good days and bad days.

But one thing that can help you get through the tough times (and enjoy the good times even more) is starting your day off right with a devotional for married couples.

If you’re looking to strengthen your marriage and faith together and find new ways to enjoy life on your journey with God purposefully, these are some of the books that can help you with this:

1. #staymarried: 30-Minute Weekly Devotions to Grow in Faith and Joy from I Do to Ever After

Start your marriage off on the right foot with #staymarried: A Couple’s Devotional.

This 30-minute weekly devotional provides couples with inspiring Scripture, thought-provoking questions, and a guided discussion to help them explore the joys and challenges of newly married life.

You’ll learn how to effectively communicate and manage finances, build intimacy, and deepen your connection with God.

With research from reputable sources such as The Gottman Institute plus practical advice for all living situations, #staymarried is the perfect tool for happily ever after.

2. Devotions for a Sacred Marriage: A Year of Weekly Devotions for Couples

Devotions for a Sacred Marriage is a devotional book by Gary Thomas that explores how couples can nurture their marriage as an expression of their love for God.

This book includes 52 weekly devotions with practical and biblical wisdom that can be used by both newlyweds and married couples for many years.

Through these devotions, readers are invited to experience life as God has created it and called them to live it.

With The book, you will learn simple tactics to handle disagreements, discover closure in ongoing marital issues, find ways to improve communication, and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

It provides insight into principles that create a strong marriage while also deepening faith and trust in the Lord.

3. Newlywed Couple’s Devotional: 52 Weeks of Everyday Scripture, Reflections, and Prayers for a God-Centered Marriage

Newlywed Couple’s Devotional is a 52-week guide to creating and sustaining a God-centered marriage. With weekly devotionals exploring topics such as intimacy, love, commitment, and more.

This spiritual resource offers couples the opportunity to connect with Scripture, engage in meaningful conversations, and pray specifically for their relationship.

Through everyday reflections and action-oriented discussion prompts to keep you and your spouse accountable to your vows, this book helps newlyweds embark on their marriage journey with the guidance of God.

4. The Meaning of Marriage: A Couple’s Devotional: A Year of Daily Devotions

The Meaning of Marriage: A Couple’s Devotional is a daily devotional from New York Times best-selling authors Timothy and Kathy Keller.

This 365-day journey helps readers discover the meaning of marriage through stories, scriptures, and prayer prompts.

By drawing on their book The Meaning of Marriage, the Kellers (married 43 years) offer guidance on how to have a successful marriage and learn to love one another more deeply.

In addition, they share powerful instructions that enable couples to grow in understanding God while also building a strong marital relationship.

5. Christian Marriage Devotional for Couples: A 52-Week Bible Study for Better Communication and a Stronger Connection with Your Spouse and Growing Family

Strengthen your marriage and reconnect with God through Christian Marriage Devotional for Couples: 52-week Bible study.

Modern life often causes issues like stress, overwhelm, and disconnectedness for couples who struggle to find the time and energy to dedicate to their relationship.

This devotional can help you build a strong Christ-centered marriage by providing scriptural insights, practical applications, discussion questions, and weekly prayers.

Explore topics such as handling conflict, discussing finances, accepting help from one another, and maintaining physical intimacy while finding more joy and love in your relationship.

Action steps will keep you moving forward on your journey to rediscovering love.

No matter what stage of life you are in with your partner, this devotional guide can help provide the strength needed to nurture a stronger connection between spouses and with God.

6. Help Is Here: Finding Fresh Strength and Purpose in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Struggling with life’s chaos and feeling powerless? You don’t have to take it on alone.

Max Lucado’s book, “Help Is Here: Finding Fresh Strength and Purpose in the Power of the Holy Spirit,” offers an answer to this problem in the form of the Holy Spirit.

In exploring the different facets of the Spirit, you’ll learn how to become joyful, enthusiastic, and empowered as you draw closer to God.

With newfound confidence and strength, you can confidently tackle life’s difficulties by discovering your unique gifts for furthering God’s kingdom.

Rather than walking this path alone or carrying weight not intended for you, enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit and find rest in knowing there are books out there like these that can help you.

7. Mr. and Mrs. 366 Devotions for Couples – White Faux Leather Devotional Gift Book for Bride and Groom, Engaged Imitation Leather

The perfect gift for newlyweds or as an anniversary present, the Mr. & Mrs. 366 Devotions for Couples Devotional is a unique way to nurture both your personal relationship with God and the one shared by you and your spouse.

Inside, husbands and wives can find inspiring devotions, Scripture verses, and powerful prayers to bring them closer together – all accessible with a convenient satin ribbon marker.

The beautiful pearlized white cover features a delicate floral design and gold foiled lettering sandwiched between two ornate filigree accents, while gilt-edged pages add a touch of elegance.

Written by couple Rob and Joanna Teigen based on their own experiences, this heat-debossed devotional will make it easier to set aside time throughout the day or week to grow in your faith together as a couple.

With its small size designed for portability, this thoughtful gift can be taken anywhere from the honeymoon onwards.

8. The One-Year Love Language Minute Devotional: A 365-Day Devotional for Christian Couples

In The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional, couples can learn how to effectively express their love in a way that will be appreciated by their spouse.

With 365 days of devotionals, this book can help readers understand the different types of love languages they and their partners speak.

Through activities and lessons, couples can learn how to identify their partner’s primary love language – words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, or gift-giving.

And then they can use this to help strengthen their relationship.

9. Quiet Times for Couples

Quiet Times for Couples is a year-long devotional intended to help couples create a deeper connection with God and each other.

Through the book, couples are invited to explore their strengths, struggles, and futures while engaging in meaningful conversations together.

The author, Norm Wright, encourages couples to put intentionality into their relationship so they can cherish every moment spent together in God’s word.

This devotional aims to deepen the love between two people as well as providing wisdom, strength, and compassion from the Lord’s word.

10. The Married Couple’s Devotional Journal: 52 Weeks of Prompts and Prayers to Strengthen Your Marriage in Faith

This devotional journal is designed to help couples strengthen their marriage in faith.

Through 52 weekly Bible verses, journal prompts, and reflections, couples can explore the deeper aspects of their relationship and gain insight into God’s plan for them.

Each week brings a new set of thoughtful questions to answer together, allowing the couple to learn more about each other’s perspectives and feelings.

Couples can then apply the lessons learned by engaging in activities like craft projects, dance parties, and date night tips.

Nurturing a strong and lasting marriage requires both love and guidance; this couple’s devotional journal will provide both!

How To Listen To Any of These Marriage Devotionals For Free?

If you like any of the books on this list and want to listen to them for free, you can do so on Audible when you sign up for a 3-month free trial.

One of the biggest benefits of doing this is that you can try out the audio version of the book for free to see if you like it before buying the physical book.

Should married couples do devotions together?

Despite the busyness of life, married couples should carve out some time to do devotions together each day.

Spending time in devotional activities is a great way to strengthen your marriage because it can help you and your spouse focus on trust, communication, and understanding.

Devotions can create a safe space to express feelings openly without worrying about being judged or ridiculed.

It’s also the perfect occasion for married couples to learn what it really means to love God and other people in the way that Jesus modeled.

With daily devotional activities, you and your spouse can grow spiritually in unison and receive encouragement throughout your marriage as well as prayers that may answer questions and bring understanding during hard times.

Set aside this special time so that you and your spouse can share meaningful moments with each other; perhaps even challenge yourselves and recreate old memories within your relationship through different devotions such as watching uplifting videos together, using a devotional book as a guide, or reading the bible verse-by-verse.

How to Do a Devotional for Married Couples?

To make the experience inspirational, begin by making the time to do devotionals together special.

By setting aside just a few minutes each day or week, you can create an oasis of bonding in an otherwise chaotic world.

Make sure you have all the materials together, such as your Bible, devotional book, markers, or any other items!

Then you can get into the practice of reading and meditating on God’s word together.

Lastly, don’t forget to end with prayer and gratitude for what has been gained from the experience of sharing beloved scripture and sacred moments with each other. 

What does God want from married couples?

God wants us to cherish and respect each other in marriage.

He doesn’t want us to take for granted the intimacy of a loving relationship between two people, as it is one of His greatest gifts.

Marriage should not just be tolerated; it should be actively pursued and nurtured.

Keeping in mind that both parties give and receive equally sets the foundation for a lasting commitment, whether it be love, respect, support, or all three.

Seeking out the Lord’s guidance is essential to having a successful marriage, and praying together about your heart’s desires strengthens communication between you and your spouse while creating an unbreakable bond with God between them.

Devotionals Are Very Good For Marriages

The Bible encourages husbands and wives to serve God together.

In 1 Peter 3:7, Husbands are instructed to live with their wives in a understanding way, showing honor unto her as the weaker vessel.

On the other hand, Ephesians 5:33 emphasizes that wives should reverence their own husbands as they reverence the Lord.

These verses demonstrate how important it is for couples to understand the importance of working together in order to please God — highlighting that both partners should bring something unique and special to the marriage relationship.

Proverbs 16:24 demonstrates the importance of communication in relationships and working together.

God’s grace is also a reminder that couples can find strength and hope through Him.

The Bible teaches us that husband and wife can serve God better when they put Him first and strive to serve Him through their union.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for something new, devotional time is an invaluable part of any marriage relationship.

It’s a great way to strengthen the bond between husband and wife while also deepening their individual faith journeys together.

With so many resources available these days, there’s no excuse not to make devotional time part of your daily routine!

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