9 Best and Most Exciting Prayer Journals For Women in 2024

by Sister McCook
Women Prayer Journal

As women, our lives can get so busy that we forget to take time for ourselves.

A great way to practice self-care and prioritize your spiritual growth is with something as simple as keeping a prayer journal.

But if you’re looking for a prayer journal that speaks directly to your needs as a woman of faith, finding one can be difficult.

That’s why I have created a list of some of the best prayer journals for women that I have used or really liked.

Go through all of these and see which ones you like.

1. Prayer Journal for Women: An Inspirational Christian Bible Journal, Prayer Notebook & Devotional 

This woman Prayer Journal is a modern, guided prayer and bible study journal designed to help you strengthen your personal relationships with God.

Featuring over 180 pages of gratitude prompts, inspirational bible verses, an answered-prayers section, and plenty of writing space, this journal make it easy to write down bible study notes, sermon notes, small group updates, affirmations, and more.

With a beautiful gold foil cover design and high-quality paper stock, this journal is the perfect gift for friends and family who are looking for a tool to deepen their spiritual journey.

Give the gift of meaningful spiritual growth with this perfect Prayer Journal to the woman in your life, or get it for yourself.

2. Prayer Journal for Women: 52 Weeks to Write, Pray and Reflect on God’s Word

Prayer Journal for Women: 52 Weeks to Write, Pray and Reflect on God’s Word is an inspirational and practical guide that helps you deepen your faith and prayer life.

This journal provides space for you to write, pray, and reflect on one Bible verse per week for a year, complete with passage suggestions, prompts to write truths that stand out to you, and guidance on how to pray through the Scripture.

It is a perfect journal for women to take with them on the go and features a beautifully designed matte-finished cover.

Start your spiritual journey today and discover how praying Scripture can transform your life.

3. Prayer Journal for Women: 52-Week Scripture, Devotional & Guided Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal for Women: 52 Weeks Scripture, Devotional, and Guided Prayer Journal is a 12-month journal featuring inspiring Bible verses, reflections on the Word, journaling prompts, and illustrations by the author and artist Shannon Roberts.

It includes four full pages for each week of the year, and each week offers Scripture, “Reflect” page with thoughts and questions prompted by the weekly verse, two full pages to journal your prayer requests, and a tracker to record answered prayers.

The journal is also organized in themes such as;

  • Love and inner beauty
  • Provision and faithfulness
  • God’s love
  • Adversity and trials
  • Awe and sovereignty
  • Strength through faith
  • Fear, grace, and forgiveness

It is an excellent tool for individual worship or group Bible study.

4. Coffee and Bible Time Prayer Journal: 3 Sticky Note Pads Included

Coffee and Bible Time Prayer Journal is a beautifully designed spiral-bound journal with a solid board cover and gold foil accents, containing 364 pages of guided prompts and journaling pages to help readers improve their relationship with God.

It also includes three sticky note pads, scripture readings/study questions, and blank notebook pages at the end of each section.

It is an effective way to help readers become more consistent and motivated in their prayer life.

5. Prayer Journal For Women: 52-Week Scripture, Guided Prayer Notebook For Women Of God

This book is a 52-week devotional prayer journal for women of God.

It provides seven sections on different topics of faith, such as God, love, faith, courage, and forgiveness.

Each week includes two pages with a motivational Bible verse and the author’s words about it, as well as plenty of room to write prayers, thoughts, and reflections.

It has a light positive design and is a great gift for anyone looking for spiritual guidance.

It also has room for customization with colored pencils and stickers.

6. A Daily Prayer Journal for Women: Give Praise, Thanks, and Gratitude

This book is a powerful tool for women to deepen their relationship with God.

It offers five pages for recording prayers, over eighty pages to note your prayers, and ten open pages for note-taking during sermons.

The journal has a high-quality design with lightweight construction, making it easy to carry and use.

With this book, you can be more consistent and be remembered to give thanks, praise, and gratitude to God every day and get closer to Him.

7. Prayer Journal for Women, Hardcover Daily Bible Journal, Devotional Journal

This Prayer Journal is an ideal tool for individual worship or group Bible study to help you focus on what’s important and deepening your relationship with God.

It features 160 pages (80 days) with blank scripture verses, adorations, confessions, prayer guides, gratitude, and answered-prayers sections.

With its high-quality modern design, including a leather hardcover, twin-wire spiral binding, and premium thick paper, it offers an enhanced writing experience.

The 8.5×5.5″ journal is the perfect size for daily prayer and makes a great gift.

8. My Prayer Journal: A 3 Month Guide To Prayer, Praise and Thanks: Modern Calligraphy and Lettering

This prayer journal offers 3 months of pages to help build up a stronger relationship with Christ through notes, reflection, and praise.

It is printed on high-quality paper, sized at 8″ x 10″, and features a modern layout with a trendy cover design.

You can begin your mornings by writing scripture and devotional thoughts in the journal.

It has been used by many users who are highly satisfied with its effectiveness in helping them form a closer bond with God.

9. Finding Peace: Prayer Journal for Women: Weekly Devotions, Prompts, and Exercises for Managing Anxiety 

Finding Peace is a guided prayer journal written by Christian life coach Helen Lee MSc.

It features 52 weeks of prayer prompts and devotionals to provide readers with spiritual guidance, solace, and strength.

The journal is spiral-bound for ease of writing and is decorated beautifully, providing ample space for personal praying and reflection.

Each week includes carefully selected scripture verses to help readers combat worries, fears, and anxieties, as well as action-oriented exercises paired with weekly devotionals.

These faith-based techniques are evidence-based, helping readers overcome challenges they may face each day. With the help of this tool, women can conquer anxiety while they courageously embark on their spiritual growth journey.

How to choose a good women’s prayer journal?

When it comes to choosing the perfect women’s prayer journal, the best way to narrow down your search is by focusing on what your true purpose with the journal is and finding one that fulfills that purpose.

1. Think about what appeals visually

Pick a cover design that is attractive and speaks to who you are as a woman of faith.

2. Consider how the journal will help you get closer to God

Look for features like clear sections or pages specifically tailored towards different types of prayers that make it easier for you to focus on your connection with Him.

3. Useful extra features

The best women’s prayer journals have devotionals, prayer trackers, and plenty of space for notes.

Other helpful features include bookmarks and ribbon markers to keep your place in the journal easily.

4. Durability

Choose a journal that is considered sturdy so that it can hold up with heavy use over time.

How to choose a good prayer for women?

When it comes to finding the perfect prayer for women, there are many considerations. As women, our spiritual needs differ from men and having the right prayer to match them can be immensely beneficial.

Begin by understanding what kind of comfort and solace you would like from a prayer—do you need strength, comfort, forgiveness, or guidance?

Then consider the form of prayer—are you comfortable with taking part in traditional church services, or do you prefer something more intimate and personal?

Pay attention to the words and tone of each option you come across; check that they are uplifting and supportive.

And finally, make sure that your chosen prayer resonates with you spiritually; when we pray, it should be easy to feel the presence of a higher power.

3 Good women’s prayers for your prayer journal

Prayer is an essential part of our Christian faith.

It’s how we communicate and connect with God, but it’s not always easy to find the words to express our feelings and needs.

A prayer journal can be a great tool for organizing your prayers and helping you stay focused on your relationship with God.

Here are three powerful examples of women’s prayers that can serve as inspiration for your own prayer journaling!

1. Prayer for Inner Peace

“Dear Lord, please grant me the inner peace I so desperately need. Help me to trust in Your plan and to remember that You are always with me, no matter what hardships I may face.

I pray for the strength to face each day with courage and faith. Amen.”

2. Prayer for Guidance

“Heavenly Father, I come before you today seeking guidance in my life.

Show me the way forward so that I may make decisions that reflect Your will and bring glory to Your name.

Please grant me the wisdom to know what is right and true so that my path remains clear even when times are tough. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

3. Prayer for Gratitude

“Father God, thank You for all You have blessed me with: my family, my friends, my health, this beautiful world You have created…I could go on forever!

Please help me remember every day how truly blessed I am in this life You have given me.

May I use all these blessings wisely in service of Your kingdom, and may I never forget how much You love me! Amen.”

When it comes to talking to God through prayer, there are no wrong words—just whatever comes from your heart.

But if you ever feel stuck or need some inspiration when praying or writing out your prayers in a journal, these three examples of women’s prayers are sure to lift up your spirit and help you stay connected with Him every single day! 

Whether you’re new to prayer journaling or already have an established practice of writing out your prayers regularly, these three prayers are a great starting point when it comes to deepening your relationship with God through prayerful communication!

Prayer Journal Can Work Wonders For Our Faith

No matter what kind of prayer journal you are looking for—one that helps you slow down and reflect or one that encourages goal-setting—there is certainly something out there that will work perfectly for where you are at right now in your spiritual journey as a woman of faith.

Keeping a prayer journal may seem like a small thing, but its effects are anything but!

Taking just 10 minutes each day to sit quietly with your thoughts and talk to God will not only help you grow spiritually but will also give you peace knowing that He hears every word you say—no matter how big or small your prayer might be! 

I hope this list has helped point you toward the perfect prayer journal that will meet all of your needs and allow you to draw closer to Christ through intentional intercessory practices!

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