4 Powerful Prayer Journals for Married Couples: Strengthen Your Bond and Your Faith

by Sister McCook
Prayer Journal For Marriage

Prayer is an essential part of any Christian marriage. It helps us strengthen our relationship with our spouses and with God.

For married couples, prayer journaling can be a great way to stay connected to each other and foster spiritual growth.

But it can be very easy to give up journaling without a plan or a clear idea of what to write. That’s why having a dedicated prayer journal can be so helpful.

Let’s take a look at some very nice prayer journals and how they can benefit married couples. 

This list does not have a lot of journals because I didn’t see a lot that was worth adding, but if you think devotional books might be helpful to you, maybe take a look at those too.

Let’s start with the journals.

1. 52-Week Christian Couples Journal: Prompts and Prayers to Strengthen Your Relationship with Each Other and Your Faith

The 52-Week Couples Christian Journal is a great way to connect more deeply as a couple and grow together in your faith.

The journal provides prompts, prayers, and advice designed to spark meaningful conversations about all facets of the relationship, such as forgiveness and how you view God in each other.

It appeals to Christian couples of any age, stage in their relationship, or denomination and not only strengthens your bond with each other and bolsters your beliefs in the Lord’s word.

2. The Married Couple’s Devotional Journal: 52 Weeks of Prompts and Prayers to Strengthen Your Marriage in Faith

The Married Couple’s Devotional Journal: 52 Weeks of Prompts and Prayers to Strengthen Your Marriage in Faith is the perfect resource for couples looking to build their relationship with God at the center.

Through thoughtful weekly prompts and prayers, couples can explore and deepen their connection while reflecting on how they align with God’s plan for their love.

Each week readers are presented with a bible verse, journal prompt, commentary from the authors as well as activities like craft projects, dance parties, and date night ideas that help instill the lessons the devotional teaches.

By regularly practicing together what they preach together, couples not only gain valuable insight into one another’s perspectives but also enrich their marriage through an understanding of God’s love.

3. Praying Scripture for Marriage Journal

Praying Scripture for Marriage Journal is a guided journal designed to help readers pray through passages of Scripture with an emphasis on marriage.

The interior provides printed passages, commentary, and instruction on how to pray them, as well as blank lined pages which can be used to write down any passage in the Bible.

The cover is made of durable vegan leather with gold foil accents, and its pages are constructed from high-quality 100gsm (68lb) wood-free paper for long-lasting use.

4. Together Marriage Journal

The Together Marriage Journal is the ideal tool to help you strengthen your marriage.

It provides various sections that encourage and stimulate communication, reflection, and prayer, such as talking to your partner about what encouraged you in the week, what struggles/frustrations you had, what God is teaching you, how to pray for each other, and more.

You can use it together or by yourself – whatever works best for you and your spouse – You will love this book.

What Should You Write in Your Prayer Journal as a Married Couple?

Writing down your prayers can help you remember what you are asking for, express gratitude more clearly, and reflect back on how God has answered your prayers.

You can also include personal reflections on your marriage and family life.

Look at it as a gift from God – write in it every day or as regularly as possible to prioritize spending time in prayerful reflection.

If you’re feeling uninspired, try writing down verses or passages from the Bible that speak to you.

How Should A Husband and Wife Pray Together?

A husband and wife who choose to pray together and come before God as one are embarking on a beautiful spiritual journey.

Praying together as a couple can start an open dialogue about your faith and provide a space for you and your spouse to call out your concerns, desires, hopes, and thanksgiving to the Lord.

Praying together can also be an intimate time for couples to express what is weighing on their hearts, remind one another of God’s promises, and lean into His perfect love for them.

When it comes to praying together as a husband and wife, there really is no outline or formula.

Perhaps it could take the form of submitted prayer lists written by each individual spouse that they then share with one another before going into prayer with mutual requests or declarations of praise.

Maybe it’s listening to certain worship music together while holding hands after a long day.

Maybe it’s just sitting in silence while each spouse privately meditates on scriptures that have personally encouraged them in the past week.

Whatever form praying together takes, it should foster both comfortability to come before the Lord openly but also reverence for His holiness as husband and wife commune with Him in unity as one new family.

What is the Best Prayer For Couples?

Many couples may opt for a traditional prayer, such as The Lord’s Prayer or other prayers, or just make something up on the spot.

However, some prayer techniques could create more powerful connections and more meaningful conversations between partners.

For example, one partner could express a prayer in words.

The other partner silently expresses their own thoughts, joining together in mental agreement to pray with one motivation and feeling harmony within themselves.

Prayers also don’t necessarily have to involve deities – couples could focus on simple expressions from the heart that soon become second nature, creating profound peace in both partners’ spirits.

The truth is any combination of methods can help nurture relationships and encourage growth between couples – helping ensure that those connections are always healthy and never weaken over time.

Why is Prayer Important For Married Couples?

Prayer is an invaluable resource for married couples, providing a unique way to strengthen their spiritual bond and deepen their understanding of each other’s needs.

Through prayer, couples can share their hopes, fears, joys, and sorrows with each other in conversation with God; what could be more intimate than that?

Additionally, praying as a couple can help to seize moments of quiet reflection amidst the chaos of everyday life, allowing them to reorient their priorities and revolve around God’s will.

Finally, prayer encourages married couples to stay mindful of their relationship with God above all else; when it is prioritized within the context of marriage, it can provide inexplicable healing and lasting connection within the relationship.

For all these reasons, married couples looking to foster a strong bond should make prayer a regular part of their lives together.

How to Create a Prayer Journal With Your Spouse

Creating a prayer journal is not very difficult!

You will need a notebook or journal, some pens or pencils, and time dedicated to praying together as a couple.

Start by writing out your prayers together—this will give you both an opportunity to express your needs and concerns openly without fear of judgment or criticism.

From there, you can create categories such as “gratitude” or “relationship” for specific topics you want to focus on during your prayers.

You can even set aside time each week where the two of you can sit down, read through your prayers from the previous week, and start writing out new ones.

How To Keep A Prayer Journal as a Couple? 

Set Aside Time to Pray Together 

The first step in keeping a prayer journal is setting aside time to pray together.

This can be done daily or weekly, depending on your preference, but consistency is key.

Establishing this regular time for prayer will help ensure that you stay focused and connected during your devotional time.

Make sure that you select a time when both of you can be present and free from distractions. 

Write Down Your Prayers 

Once you’ve set aside the time for prayer, start writing down your prayers in the journal.

Writing down your prayers helps keep you focused on what you are praying about and ensures that you don’t forget any important details or requests.

Additionally, it serves as a reminder of all the things that God has blessed you with, which can help reignite positive emotions during difficult times as well as renew your faith in Him. 

Share Your Journal Entries With Each Other 

It’s important to share your journal entries with each other so that each partner knows what the other is praying about or hoping for in life.

This can help build trust between the two of you and create an even stronger bond as spouses.

Sharing stories of answered prayers will also bring joy into your relationship by showing how God has been working in both of your lives individually as well as together as a couple.  


To get started, here are five effective prompts as you write in your marriage prayer journal:

  1. Praise God for His blessings
  1. Pray with hopes for a peaceful relationship
  1. Express gratitude for your spouse and thank God for their presence in your life
  1. Confess any wrongs done so your hearts can be united once again
  1. Ask God to provide strength, peace, comfort, understanding, and patience as you journey together in life.

As you incorporate these prompts into your daily prayers or weekly reflections in the journal, watch how much closer and more inspired you both will become!

If Used Right, A prayer journal Can Be Amazing

Prayer journaling can help married couples build stronger relationships based on faith as well as foster spiritual growth and understanding within themselves as individuals!

It helps set aside intentional time for you and your spouse to connect with one another spiritually while also providing each other with an opportunity to share their individual needs, hopes, desires, and dreams with each other in order to lift each other up in prayerful support.

By following these simple steps, married couples can use their joint prayer journals to strengthen their connection with God and each other!

And if you’re a woman looking for a prayer journal, you can try these.

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