15 Devotional Topics For Adults (Young and Old)

by Sister McCook
Group of adults with devotional Bible

We all have a spiritual journey with God, and it’s important to stay devoted and connected.

Growing in our faith can take many different forms. It can involve study, prayer, and fellowship with other believers.

One effective way to grow in faith is through devotionals. Devotions are a time set aside each day when you can reflect on the teachings of scripture and focus on spiritual growth.

Here are 15 devotional topics for adults that can help strengthen your faith and lead to greater spiritual understanding.

1. Faithfulness in Marriage

Faithfulness is essential to any marriage, but its importance goes beyond the bounds of a single relationship.

If a couple isn’t faithful to one another, it reflects a lack of devotion to God as well.

This can be an opportunity for reflection on how we live our lives, not just within our marriages but also in our relationships with others and our relationship with God.

2. Faithfulness in Relationships

Just like with marriage, faithfulness is necessary for all relationships — whether it’s with family members, friends, or coworkers.

We should maintain a commitment to those around us so that they know they can depend on us and trust us even when times get tough.

3. Faithfulness to God

Above all else, being faithful to God is paramount if we want to follow His path and live according to His will.

We must strive every day to honor Him through our thoughts and actions, no matter how hard it may be at times.

4. Being a Good Role Model

As adults, we have the responsibility of setting an example for younger generations.

We must strive every day to be examples of Christ-like living so that others will see our lives as examples they want to emulate.

5. Overcoming Temptation

Everyone faces temptation at some point or another in their lives; it’s part of being human!

But we must remember that Jesus overcame temptation during his own lifetime and He promises us strength if we turn away from sinful temptations and instead turn towards Him for help.

6. Putting God First

In today’s world, it’s so easy for us to put other things before God — work commitments, family obligations, or simply leisure activities — but ultimately, we should always try to prioritize God first above all else so that He remains the foundation upon which everything else rests.

7. Studying The Bible

The Bible is full of wisdom and insight into the life of Christ as well as practical advice about how best to live our own lives according to a Christian worldview, so it’s important not only to read scripture but also to study it deeply so that we can fully understand what is being said and how best to apply its teachings in our own lives.

8. Praying Regularly

Prayer doesn’t just bring us closer together with Jesus; it strengthens our relationship with Him over time by allowing us to express ourselves directly before Him without fear or judgment while

He listens intently and provides comfort through His spirit in response when needed most.

9. Sharing Your Faith

Bearing witness to the gospel shouldn’t be something done out of obligation but rather out of genuine love for others who may not yet know Jesus’ saving grace.

Sharing your faith is an effective way not only to spread the good news but also to build relationships between yourself and those you witness too.

10. Being Thankful

Being thankful isn’t just something we do around holidays or special occasions; it’s something we should strive towards every day by acknowledging and appreciating all the blessings, big and small, that come from both Jesus and those around us throughout life’s journey.

11. Obeying God

Obeying God means following His commands even when things don’t go as planned and trusting His plan even when trials come along; obeying requires humility and courage, both of which are strengthened through prayerful meditation on scripture daily.

12. Trusting God

It is not always easy to trust God, especially when times are tough.

But if we have faith that He knows what is best for us, it helps us keep a positive perspective and find peace.

We can be confident that no matter what happens, it will ultimately be used to bring glory unto God.

13. Serving Others

Serving others doesn’t require grand gestures but rather simple acts of kindness, such as helping an elderly woman carry groceries inside her home or visiting a sick friend at the hospital.

Serving shows love and care, which cannot go unnoticed by those who receive such service.  

14. Forgiving Others

Forgiveness isn’t always easy, especially when someone has wronged you.

However, true forgiveness does not come from a place of bitterness, anger, or resentment but instead comes from a place of understanding, compassion, and striving toward reconciliation between yourself and the person who wronged you.

15. Living A Christ-Like Life

There are many aspects to living a life like Jesus did, but it starts with humility, service, prayer, worship, selflessness, sacrifice, grace, mercy, and love.

These devotional topics should inspire you to think more deeply about your spiritual journey and growth.

How To Choose Devotional Topics For Adults?

A great place to start when choosing a devotional topic for adults is to look around your home or work environment and notice what spiritual conversations are happening around you.

What spiritual stories or messages do you often hear?

Which themes seem to stick out the most? When looking for devotional topics, these can be valuable clues to get started and help guide the direction of your study.

You may even want to take it a step further and see what topics other adult Christians find inspiring about their faith – perhaps joining a local Bible study or reading a devotional book could help provide ideas of what topics to explore.

Ultimately you want to focus on something that resonates with your personal beliefs and the group, as this will make the experience more meaningful.

What should you share for an adult devotion?

One great thing to consider when sharing an adult devotion is focusing on scriptures that apply to the particular topic of discussion.

Utilizing key verses from the Bible will help communicate the main points and ensure a thorough analysis and understanding of the topic at hand.

In addition, it can be beneficial to incorporate personal stories, along with guidance from other spiritual leaders who have looked deeply at the issue.

Also, developing a habit of prayer before and after each devotion helps keep everyone focused and connected with God’s grace and presence. 

Overall some of the most important things to do are to

  • Consider boiling down scripture into a few key principles that you can use to inspire your readers: explaining what the Bible says; considering its implications;
  • Offer true stories of faith and resilience;
  • Provide practical exercises that put thoughts into action.

How to write an adult devotional?

When writing a devotional, it is important to do your research and make sure you understand the context and message that you are being asked to share.

Use this knowledge as a guide when creating your structure and determine key points that will support your message.

Make sure to include clear Scriptures and remove any personal biases or opinions that don’t fit within the devotional’s message.

Be mindful of connecting stories of faith with Scripture-based themes, and write with an inviting tone that encourages growth in the faith of the people who are listening to you. 

What are some good adult devotional Scriptures?

Some of my favorite devotional scriptures that I think are good to share with adults is Philippians 4:6-7, which reminds us to bring our requests and worries to God instead of getting stressed out.

The familiar passage from 1 Corinthians 16:14, “Do everything in love,” encourages us to remain focused on loving our neighbor even when life gets hectic and relationships are strained.

Another well-known verse is Matthew 6:33, which exhorts us not to get caught up in worldly pursuits, but instead to seek the kingdom of God first.

These three powerful Bible verses can serve as a foundation for your adult devotional practice and help bring peace and clarity into every day.

But don’t just use these verses – try to find some more online.

The Right Devotionals Topic Can Be Very Beneficial For Adults

When you select the right devotional topics, it can be very beneficial for adults because they are able to gain new perspectives and spiritual insights that can help them in their relationship with God and their personal and professional lives.

The right topics chosen should lead to conversations that give everyone a chance to really dive into scripture, ask questions, and look for answers that will help them in their life.

Whether you decide to use devotionals in your daily walk with God or you’re looking for topics for your church group or Bible study, the topics above provide an excellent starting point.

As you continue your journey of faith, don’t forget to seek out new topics and scriptures that will help you grow closer to God.

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