How to Know What God Wants You to Do: Practical Tips for Christians

by Sister McCook
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As a Christian, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is, “What does God want me to do?”

You may be at a crossroads in your life, considering a major decision, or simply seeking direction on your spiritual journey.

Whatever the reason, discerning God’s will can be challenging.

The good news is that God has provided us with resources and wisdom to help us navigate this process.

Let’s look at some practical tips for discerning God’s will and finding clarity in your life.

Make Time for Prayer and Reflection

The first step to discerning God’s will is to make time for prayer and reflection. This is a time to be still and listen for God’s voice.

Sometimes, this may require you to step back from the busyness of your life and spend time in quiet contemplation.

During this time, you can reflect on your values, priorities, and goals.

Ask God to guide your thoughts and to reveal His will to you.

Remember that prayer is a two-way conversation, so be open to hearing God’s response.

Seek Wise Counsel

God often speaks to us through other people. Seek out trusted friends, mentors, or pastors who can offer wisdom, guidance, and support.

They may be able to offer a different perspective, share their own experiences, or offer practical advice.

It’s important to seek counsel from people who have strong faith and a track record of making wise decisions.

Study God’s Word

The Bible is God’s primary means of communicating with us. Spend time in God’s Word and seek to understand what He has revealed about His will.

Make a habit of reading the Bible regularly, meditating on its teachings, and applying its principles to your life.

You may also want to consider attending Bible studies, reading Christian books, or listening to sermons to deepen your understanding of God’s Word.

Pay Attention to Your Circumstances

God often uses our circumstances to guide us on our journey.

Be mindful of the doors that open and close in your life.

Watch for signs that God is at work in your circumstances, and be open to unexpected opportunities or changes.

This doesn’t mean that every circumstance is a clear sign from God, but it’s important to be aware of how God may be using your circumstances to influence your decisions.

Follow Your Passion and Gifts

God has given each of us unique talents, passions, and gifts. When we use these gifts to serve others, we are fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives.

If you are struggling to discern God’s will, consider how your passions and gifts can be used to serve others.

You may discover that God has been equipping you for a specific purpose and calling.

Discerning God’s will can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

Remember that God’s will is not always easy or comfortable, but it’s always good. Trust in His plan for your life and seek to glorify Him in all that you do.

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