Can Christians Believe in Astrology?

by Sister McCook
can christians believe in astrology

It is said that astrology is not just a way to tell the future, but also a way to understand the present. As Christians, we are called to be discerning and not be swayed by false teachings.

We should always test what we believe against scripture to make sure it is biblical. So, can Christians believe in astrology?

What Does The Bible Say About Astrology

There is no mention of astrology in the Bible. Christians should not believe in astrology because it is based on false beliefs about the universe and how it works.

Astrology relies on the idea that the position of stars and planets can influence people’s lives. This is not supported by science, which shows that the movement of stars and planets has no impact on people’s lives.

Instead of astrology, Christians should rely on the Bible for guidance in their lives. The Bible is God’s word and it is filled with wisdom and guidance for living a good life. The Bible teaches that God created the universe and He controls everything that happens in it. Therefore, we can trust Him to guide us through our lives.

There is no explicit answer to this question in the Bible, but there are a few things we can consider. First of all, astrology is based on the false belief that stars and planets have an influence on our lives.

The Bible tells us that only God has power over our lives and He is the one who determines our destiny (Jeremiah 10:23). Secondly, astrology assigns meaning to things that are random and meaningless.

In other words, it tries to find order in chaos. The Bible tells us that only God is sovereign and He is the one who brings order out of chaos (Isaiah).

So, while there is no explicit answer in the Bible, we can see that there are good reasons why Christians should not believe in astrology. If you are struggling with this issue, talk to your pastor or a trusted Christian friend for guidance. Remember, God is sovereign and He is the only one who can guide your life. Praise Him!

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