The Bible’s Take on Kissing: What Does God Think About It?

by Sister McCook
couple in love kissing

What does the Bible say about kissing? This is a question that has been asked by many people over the years. Many people believe that the Bible says that kissing is a sin, but this is not actually true.

The Hebrew word for kiss, ‘nashak’, means submit to. Kissing was seen as a sign of acceptance in biblical times.

In this article, we will explore the meaning of kissing in the Bible and discuss how it was interpreted by different people throughout history.

Bible Verses About Kissing

Kissing in the Bible is mentioned in a few different instances. In the book of Ruth, we see Ruth kissing her mother-in-law, Naomi (Ruth 1:8-12). This was a sign of respect and love.

We also see Laban kissing his nephew, Jacob, when he was brought to him by his daughter, Rachel (Genesis 29:9-13). Again, this is a sign of love and respect. In the New Testament, we also see Jesus being betrayed by Judas with a kiss by one of his disciples, Judas(Luke 22:48).

So, what does the Bible actually say about kissing? The answer is, it depends on the context in which it is used.

If it is used as a sign of love, respect, or affection, then it is perfectly fine. However, if it is used in a sexual context or in an act of betrayal then it would be considered a sin.

Is Premarital Kissing a Sin?

The answer to this question is also dependent on the context in which it is used. If premarital kissing is done with the intention of lust or sexual pleasure, then it would be considered a sin.

If you’re kissing and romancing someone without being married to that person that is considered a sin according to the Bible.

However, if premarital kissing is done with the intention of showing love and affection, then it would not be considered a sin.

Different people have different opinions on this topic. Some people believe that premarital kissing is fine, as long as it is done with the right intentions.

Others believe that premarital kissing is always a sin, no matter what the intentions are. Ultimately, the decision is up to how you look at the two.


Kissing has been interpreted in many different ways throughout history. Some people believe that it is only to be done between husband and wife, while others believe that it is a way to show love and affection for anyone.

Here is how you can think about everything discussed;

  • Kissing as an act of love between husband and wife is not a sin.
  • Kissing as a sign of respect is ok without sexual intention.
  • Jesus kissed His disciples as a sign of affection and peace.
  • Premarital kissing can be seen as a sin depending on the intention behind it.
  • Ultimately, the decision is up to the individual on how they want to interpret it.

What do you think? Is kissing okay in all contexts, or should it be limited to certain situations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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